Friday, August 13, 2021

My New Bed

Well, I got a new bed for my new life as a single woman. I'd been wanting to get an upholstered headboard for awhile, so I got one, along with an upholstered bed frame. I wasn't able to find a frame that had a footboard, which was disappointing. The furniture pickings are much more slim than they used to be (thanks Covid!). 

I got my new comforter from Bed Bath & Beyond. I love it!

And here's the bed! 

It's a much more simple bed than the majestic mahogany four-poster bed was, and it has a smaller footprint too. It's also a lot lower than that bed was, which took some getting used to. Sometimes I still miss the old bed, but I like this bed a lot, especially the headboard. 

The boys lost out on a hiding spot for Hide & Seek, for obvious reasons.

Oh hi!

This selfie cracks me up because it looks like I have two little antennae coming out of the sides of my head! They're from the wall hanging; I am not a bug lady!

I really do crack myself up sometimes! 😂