Thursday, July 1, 2021

Reorganized Bookshelves

 Call me crazy but I find it exciting to reorganize bookshelves! That was one of my projects in April and it was a fun one. I had increased shelf space after a certain person moved their things out, and I went to work filling it in. {Lemons = lemonade!}

First I reorganized the built-in shelves in the office. I really love this wall of shelves. More so now than ever. And there's still space left for new books.

These are the book letters that I bought on Etsy. I love how they turned out. I'm on the hunt for a little green owl figurine to put by the "R." {--Right after I typed that, I realized that I have a little owl fitting that description! I went and found it and it's perfect! This is one of the many benefits of blogging! πŸ™Œ Anyway, back to the books...--}

It's fun to add pictures, plaques, knick-knacks, and bookends into the mix.

I organize my books by genre. The next two pictures are many of my historical fiction novels. I put them in chronological order by time period. It's so fun!

The Poldark series and Kate Morton books get their own shelf to share. They're some of my favorites. 

Next, I reorganized the bookshelf in the family room. I finally had room to shelve the beautiful collection of classics that I grew up with that has been sitting in boxes in a basement closet at the Cape house for the past several years. They finally get to see the light of day every day on a beautiful bookshelf that's perfect for them!

I know this picture is similar to the one above but the ladder is removed from this one and I find the symmetry of the two halves of the shelf to be so picturesque! 😍😍😍

A mix of the previously mentioned hardbound classics on the top shelf with my personal lifelong collection of (mostly paperback) classics on the shelves below.

The top shelf in this picture is my historical non-fiction books. I've only read about six of them so far, but I'll read them all eventually.

This is one of my favorite things about the whole reorganizing project. This is my little ode to England, topped off by a smaller ode to France, where I would also really like to go. But England tops them all. Even though it's literally topped by Paris here. πŸ˜„

More classics. 😍

I love my growing collection of vintage Nancy Drew books. Since taking these pictures, I've acquired four more. The book bundle next to them is also made up of old antique books.

These are the top shelves, where there are more antique books, the owl that I mentioned in yesterday's post, and other bookish or owl things that I love.

I've had that Thomas Kinkade plaque ever since I was in high school or college. 

All complete with the ladder back in place.

                     Reading and books are one of my greatest pleasures in life, and I'm so thankful to have these wonderful bookshelves to contain so many of them! πŸ“šπŸ’–πŸ“š