Monday, July 5, 2021

Around the House in April

 I happened to have the perfect frame for this lovely picture that I bought with a light brown wooden frame around it. This one was much better!

Not one but two pretty Easter bouquets from family and (still anonymous) friends.

Violet's pretty cream-colored collar flower.

Violet's pretty purple (or violet!) ribbon, courtesy of my chocolate Easter bunny. 😀

I love having a dog-ter! Ha ha

My first alfresco lunch of the year

I sold this bike, scooter, and adorable little armchair, all of which Sam had outgrown.

He hasn't outgrown stuffed animals yet (thank goodness!). Here's Spot, all swaddled up.

Hot cocoa in my Poldark mug is the best 😍😋😍

My new rubber ducks from the Cape trip, representing two of the places that I want to go most in the world. The ducks will have to do for now!

Sleeping Bentwood, all curled up

It cracks me up when Violet stretches out on the couch like this with her head under a pillow. I can definitely relate. 😄


Another thing that I sold was our beautiful mahogany four-poster bed that we bought from The Bombay Company as newlyweds after I got my first salaried job, about eight months after we graduated from college and got married. I've loved this beautiful bed and I wanted to have it until our dying days. Well, we did have it until the dying days...of our marriage. 😭 I thought about keeping it but it was no longer a happy thing for me so I decided that it was time to move on and sell the bed. (Pictures to come later this summer of my new bed.)

I moved this faux flower arrangement from a shelf in the walk-in closet to the dresser. 

Easter and spring decorations, all packed up and ready to come out again next March.

The Dishscape for April was a pretty Japanese cherry blossom-themed scene. It had this funny Godzilla-like dinosaur thing with robotic laser beam eyes who traipsed through the scene every once in awhile. It was pretty entertaining.

Sam at the other end of the couch. 

Sam in a very bubbly jacuzzi bath.

John supervising Bentwood on a trip to the backyard. They're about the same age--we've had Bentwood since John was only one year old! They are special buds.