Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Sam's Turn

It's time to balance things out a little since the last two posts have been about John. Here's one for Sam!

I don't know why but this random picture of him makes me LOL 😆

This is one of Sam's weekly practice charts for piano. I'm impressed by how well he's advanced with Zoom piano lessons for the last year. Kudos to both him and his teacher!

On his Switch at lunchtime. Not a great habit!

After Sam finished the Percy Jackson series, I took him to Jeff Kinney's bookstore to check it out and to get the next Rick Riordan series he wanted to read, as well as Jeff Kinney's newest Wimpy Kid book (pictured below).

He also picked out a stuffed dragon while we were there. He hit the bookstore jackpot with six new books, a dragon, a super-realistic looking egg bouncy ball, and a free Easter basket!

A funny drawing he did.

I love my babydoll so much!