Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Boys in February

Sam discovered the Percy Jackson series this winter. He loved it! I was so happy to see him reading for fun on his own. This is what I've always wanted for my kids!

Sam likes the cold (the Finnish and Scandinavian blood flows strongly through his veins) and so he enjoys going out to play in the snow. I'm glad because the fresh air and exercise are good for him. We're stuck inside so much in the winter, especially this winter.

Speaking of exercise, I took the boys to a ninja gym about an hour away for a special open gym with James "The Beast" McGrath from American Ninja Warrior. They had the gym and James practically to themselves! ("Where's Waldo" time--can you find all three of them in this picture?)

James was really nice and it was fun talking to him about the show and what it's been like to compete on it. I really hope he got the call to compete this season.

This was the boys on Valentine's Day before we went to church. It was their first Sunday doing the sacrament together; it was John's first time blessing it as a newly ordained priest, and Sam's first time passing it as a newly ordained deacon. It was special.
I can't decide which picture to use so what the heck, I'll just post them all.

Classic photos with their cousins/my nephews Rocco and Shane! I love all of these boys so much!