Monday, March 15, 2021


 I did two puzzles this winter and I enjoyed doing them both because they weren't too hard! Because life is already challenging enough, right? For that reason, I'm finding that I like the 500-piece puzzles more than the complex 1000-piece ones. They're much more satisfying. Which is too bad for me because I have a bunch of 1000-piece puzzles waiting to be put together, which I will do, but in the future when I buy puzzles I'm going to get 500-piece ones. They're more fun and they help me to feel more accomplished and like less of a dumbo than the 1000-piece ones! 😄 Anyway, enough about that...on to the puzzles!

This was a perfect puzzle for winter!

The border is the puzzle's foundation and I always start with that first. 

I didn't take many progress pics; in fact, this is the only one. I got the moon put together, yay for me!

Done! Since I enjoyed this puzzle and want to do it again (perhaps each winter), I didn't glue it together and frame it. I only do that for puzzles that are really hard and time-consuming that I never want to do again! (As long as the picture is something I'd want to hang up in my house. Otherwise, I'll take the puzzle apart and gladly give it away to another poor soul who's up for a mental beating!)

This puzzle had even fewer pieces and I loved it! It was a "zen puzzle" with 50 solid pieces (not cardboard) that my dad got me for Christmas. Obviously I loved the great horned owl! 

This was such a fun little puzzle. Do you see the owl-shaped piece?

I'm looking forward to putting together a puzzle this spring! Even though it will probably have 1000 pieces. 😖