Friday, September 4, 2020

May 2020 Randoms


A not-very-good breakfast habit that was forged in lockdown.

Screen time (again)

Screen-free time

A birds'-eye view of Sam and Bentwood

Zoom Webinars I Attended (they were becoming quite the thing by this time!)

This one was done by a local psychologist about helping your teen through turbulent times.

I did this webinar with Oprah. I used to love her show and I still miss it. This webinar however didn't really do it for me, and so this was the only one I "attended."

Some things were helpful, like this:

This was a more enjoyable webinar--"Organize your schedule like a Pinterest-worthy closet" given by a successful busy working mother in California. I love organizing and schedules and am already good at them but I like learning about how other people manage their lives. 
(Can you spot the typo?)

Opinions, quotes, and poetry

I feel aggrieved by harmful grievance studies.
"Grievance studies are about how everyone is oppressed by the white male patriarchy. It teaches people to focus on how they are the victims, which is the exact opposite of the mentality people need to be successful."

One of the "secrets" to a happy life and marriage.

Wise words from a Dove dark chocolate 😁

True Randoms

A delicious veggie-tarian dinner

Breathe With Me Barbie 😂 I had to! I like it!



This is where the workout magic happens for me. One of my favorite ways to exercise is to walk on the treadmill while watching things I've recorded from the DVR. I aim for five days a week, 35 minutes a day. 
It helps keep me healthy and pretty fit overall. 


My favorite ice cream flavor from Uhlmans (pronounced you'll-mins) is this Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. It's soooo good!

I made myself a new notebook on Shutterfly. That's my picture of the rose. 

I don't like crossword puzzles very much, but I love word searches. I like that the words are all in there  somewhere, you just have to find them. These ones that I do from The Epoch Times are great for my vocabulary because I look up all the words I don't know once I'm done. Sometimes there are some pretty obscure ones (although not as many in this particular one). 

I love President Nelson! I want to get this book.

This personal sauna is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! 😂😂😂

Special delivery (of anti-inflammatory medication) for Boo Boo from the vet.

I do!

My favorite pool tube. The headrest is so comfortable.