Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Heartwarming Car Parade

 Birthday and other celebratory car parades have become the new thing in the coronavirus era, and I got to witness my first one in April. It actually brought tears to my eyes! It was for a woman who lives on the street behind ours. She's a beautiful fashionista with her own clothing business, and she's fighting cancer. It touched my heart that her friends did this for her birthday. She's a popular lady--there were a lot of cars that kept coming, more than I took pictures of. It's so nice to witness acts of kindness, especially during hard times.

Boo Boo added to the festive atmosphere by barking at the cars as they drove by. 😄

How did the balloons not fly away!?

This probably would have been me, pretty much just a simple sign. I'm so basic! 

It really made my day to watch this car parade go by, even if it wasn't for me! 😄