Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Tribute to the Virus

Not that COVID-19 deserves a tribute, but it's getting one (of sorts) courtesy of my pictures, memes I liked, and things from the news that I found noteworthy. And from my need to document my life. This is a historic time, after all (unfortunately!).

This was on the afternoon news on Tuesday, March 10th. It turned out to be our last school day of the year. That evening, school got cancelled for the next day (and all the next days) in our town.

At Target (or rather, not at Target)

Stop & Shop

Daisy from The Organic Prepper called it early on.

I read Station Eleven in March when this was all going down. The pandemic in that book was way worse than ours, which helped put things in perspective, but I didn't like the story very much.

Outside of the Catholic church in my town

We have enough hand sanitizer but this is good to know just in case!

So. Many. Emails.

Ode to toilet paper

I'll forgive the grammar mistake here for Gollum's sake and because this is pretty funny.

From Emma

They haven't finished it quickly. They're still playing.

Someone left this in our mailbox and I thought it was really sweet.

No Olympics this summer, so disappointing.

This one makes me LOL
This one too

And this 

That spike in unemployment claims is unbelievable. Do you see it? The long red very ominous line going up the page...

I made care packages for our delivery people. They each had a roll of toilet paper, a water bottle, and a snack bag of pretzel sticks. I left a basket by the garage doors and another one by the front door.

And that's my coronavirus scrapbook for March 2020. What a crazy month!