Wednesday, April 15, 2020

November 2019 Randoms

I loved the cover of Martha Stewart Living's October issue. I bought it for the cover alone (plus I like Martha Stewart).

I enjoyed a delicious lunch at a way-cool diner with Sharalyn and Meredith.


The way the light was shining on President Nelson's picture made him look like the man of God that he is, with the light of heaven surrounding him. 👼

Nice catalog cover that matches up well with my daydreams 😄

Sam had made Rocco a book about roller coasters and was going through it with him. It was so cute.

Shane on the hoverboard. He's good at it!

Roses proving yet again that aging can be beautiful.

I got two cute new owls at Pier 1 the weekend that I went to New Hampshire with my friends...

...and two more from a mansion gift shop the day I went to Newport with my other friends.

Look how cute this is--its body is made of little white pinecones!

Sam wrote this sweet letter to my dad for Veterans Day.

This still makes me laugh. This is from an editorial in The WSJ by Karl Rove about something "rhetorically eloquent" that Kamala Harris said on the campaign trail: "Dude gotta go..." 😂

The kind of shopper I aspire to be every Christmas season.

A HelloFresh recipe I made that was really good. The cherry balsamic was especially delicious.

I sold our Magic Tree House books since Sam has outgrown them. Both boys read them when they were younger. I think it's such a cute time-traveling history series for kids.

I also sold all of these Pokemon things that the boys no longer use. Goodbye to the Pokemon phase!

I'm still trying to sell the Angry Birds collection, but nobody is biting on these yet, I don't know why. 🤷


I seriously want this retro newspaper holder so that it's easier to read the paper. I'm gonna get it.
"Girl's gotta get it!"

A healthy and delicious snack.

Hallmark merch I bought--a cute ornament and a mug.

There was a lot to donate after I finished cleaning out the playroom.

The day after Thanksgiving, getting ready for the arrival of the tree.

We pre-ordered a big tree so that we'd get the height we wanted, which we weren't able to get last year. It was SO HEAVY and the tree turned out to be a behemoth. We had to get my mom to come over and help us get it off the car and into the house. Not helping matters was the fact that I'd come down sick with that awful cold, so I was even less helpful than usual with things like this. 

We went to see Knives Out. I didn't like everything about it but it was a good mystery and it had some funny, clever things in it.

I'm glad they're out.

The tree was HUGE.