Monday, January 6, 2020

The Joy of Tulips and Cooperative Birds

I enjoyed our first lovely month of May in and around our new house. Springtime in Massachusetts is just as pretty as it is in Iowa. Of course I already knew that because I'm from Mass., but I haven't lived here full-time since 1998!

A pretty pair of tulips out front.
The return of lush green grass in late spring is a welcome sight. 

I like birds and birdhouses and watching birds eat from birdhouses. I think it's so cool that birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. Sometimes I have deep, existential thoughts as I sit there and watch them and think about things like that. Or at least I like to think that I do.

Onto the pictures below. I had tried hanging the birdhouses on a tree in the backyard but the squirrels got to them so that didn't work. Next I used the hooks on the front porch. These worked well, but the only downside were the bird poop splatters that got left behind on the porch. I was willing to live with that though--the birds are lucky that I like them so much!

I was lucky one day and got some great pictures of a cute little bird who didn't fly away while I was out there watching and photographing him (or her). Thank you for that, sweet little bird!

I like this picture because of the green trees all around. Such pretty scenery!

This was definitely something to tweet blog about! 😁