Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Low Tide Is My Favorite Tide

I've said it many times before on the blog and I'll say it again: I love low tide on the bay side beaches of the Cape! One of my favorite things is walking way far out on the ocean floor and seeing and feeling what lies beneath. It's such a unique experience and I'll never tire of it.

 The squelchy soft texture of the rippled sand feels good on my feet! 

The water in the tidal pools is usually nice and clear and warm.

John, Sam, Hayley, Jennifer, and Adam

The water is shallow even way far out, but it quickly gets deeper as the tide starts to come back in, so you don't want to get caught unaware all the way out there or you'll be swimming your way back to shore rather than walking! 🏊

This wet mushy rippled sand is my favorite. It reminds me of the icing on a cake, and I love the way it feels on the bottoms of my feet!