Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Cape Cod Lavender Farm

My mom and I went to the Cape Cod Lavender Farm last August. We'd been before and weren't overly impressed because there really isn't much to it, but they sell delicious dark chocolate lavender bars in their shop and I wanted to get some. But to my disappointment, they didn't have any that day, so it was mostly a wasted trip! 😔

There's a cute little fairy garden there, but before we first went several years ago we thought it was going to be something way bigger and more spread out than this.


There was a nice little trail through the woods that I followed for a little while before I started to worry that I was trespassing onto private property.

And that's pretty much it for the Cape Cod Lavender Farm! Unless you're really into fairy gardens or want to check out their shop (which does have some nice, unique things), it's not really worth the trip, in my opinion. But I do love lavender!