Thursday, May 16, 2019

April Showers Brought May Flowers

Our yard in Iowa got some very pretty blooms in the spring. These pictures are from last May, which was one of the prettiest months around the yard, if not the prettiest. Honestly it sometimes felt like our very own Garden of Eden!

 I loved the two magnolia trees in the front. They were the first to bloom in the spring.

 And this pretty tree in the side yard. I don't know what this one was, but it had such lovely little flowers. 

And lilacs, one of my favorites!

Another favorite. Oh what am I saying, they're all my favorites! 

The "popcorn popping" tree 


 The above two trees side by side.
 And some pretty blooms in the rocks, bringing to mind the phrase "Bloom where you're planted."

Even though we don't live there anymore, I'm happy knowing that all of those flowers are still blooming where they were planted (barring drastic action on the part of the new owners, that is!).