Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Sam the Man

I took some cute pictures of Sam in March of last year, and I think they deserve their very own blog post.

A moment of sweet repose...

...until Boo Boo decided to get up!

Sam is by far the most artistic person in our family. He loves drawing and designing and making his own art projects.

Another sweet moment of repose! Boo Boo totally surrendered to it this time. I love this photo!  
They're both so soft and cuddly to cozy up with!  

I think he was reading Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone. It warmed my book-loving heart to see Sam reading like this. 

I think he was mad at me about something. I thought it was funny.

I went around the whole house taking pictures and video of everything and every room before the house had to get de-personalized and fixed up and ready to sell. These are some pictures of Sam's room. The art walls around his bed were so fun and I was sad to have to take them down.  

 He'd written and crossed out on his doors over the last few years: Come in! Do not come in. He wasn't supposed to do that but he did it! They got scrubbed off by the team working on our house (I had been unsuccessful in my attempts).

I love my little Sam man, quirks and all!