Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sam I Am

These are some of the fun things Sam was up to last October!

He built a cool Lego thing from the latest Lego movie.   

He had a playdate with his friend Jack. I think they're playing the same game together so they are actually playing together. 😆

We went to Wilson's to pick out some pumpkins.

Not cooperating for the height measurement!

And thinking he's funny because of it!

We decorated the front stoop with the pumpkins we'd chosen when we got home.

Then Sam decided to do one better and paint the pumpkins. It was a mild day out and I let him go to town. 
He is by far the most artistic member of our family!

He painted a "rainbow waterfall" down the steps which ended up lasting all winter and into the spring. 

Playing on his iPad

Playing piano. He picked it up quickly when he started lessons a couple months before this. He's good!

 (The full scene.)

 A playdate with his good friend Wyatt. They loved playing Terraria together.

Sam is such a fun kid. I love him so much!