Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It's Great to Be Eight!

Sam turned 8 last September (one of my favorite ages!).

Just look at that candlelit glow!
He had a small cake on his birthday because his big one had been the SpongeBob cake from his party the week before.

He got a set of personalized scriptures in honor of his upcoming baptism.

One of his biggest gifts (literally) was this huge Nerf gun that he really wanted. It was so big that I decided to just wrap it in a blanket rather than waste all that wrapping paper!

My mom was visiting and she helped put it together.

Quite the Nerf gun collection!
Since I'm writing this a year later, I will tell you that now there are even more of them! And the boys and their friends use them all!

All of the grandparents came to visit that weekend for Sam's baptism.
Here are Sam and Peter's dad, scoping out the Nerf guns.

And here's John playing a card game with his grandmas.

It was a fun birthday week for Sam!