Friday, September 28, 2018

Cape Summer 2017 Randoms

A pretty windmill at a pretty park in Brewster. 

Lobster Boat is one of our favorite restaurants. We go every summer at least once or twice.

Fun with cousins!

Sam made a huge picture.

When your skirt and the back cover of your magazine happen to match!

When your skirt and the rug in your room kind of go well together too!

One of our most favorite restaurants on the Cape!

This lemonade there was so good. But the steak is even better!

Cape Cod Creamery, one of our favorite ice cream places.

It's also a ninja gym for John...

The boys' annual carousel ride at the Cape Cod Mall. They've been on this carousel every summer of their lives.

John and the man, Tom Brady

Speaking of the man, breakfast at The Pancake Man

Grocery list on the fridge. Sometimes I snap a picture on my phone and use it at the grocery store.

This was a page in a magazine that I liked, so I took a picture of it.

On a walk with my mom.

A pretty view of Hyannis Harbor at dinner.

At a rest stop eating lunch somewhere in the Midwest on the drive home to Iowa.