Friday, May 18, 2018

Five Things for Friday

1. My big accomplishment this week was that I finally finished reading Little Women! It took me about twice as long as I thought it would to read it (six weeks instead of three)--it's a loooong book (and the print is small!). But it was a good book and I'm glad I finally read it. My mom and I went to a local play of Little Women two weeks ago and I'm watching the new PBS production of it now.

This is the review I wrote on Goodreads:

After a number of failed starts when I was younger, I finally read Little Women! I enjoyed it, although it was slow and a little tedious at times, and I think it's too long--it felt like it would never end. I can see why it didn't hold my interest very much when I was a kid. But overall I liked the story and the characters and the good virtues and morals taught throughout. I can see why it's an all-American classic. (Although I'm a traitor and personally prefer the works of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte!)

2. Here's something else I was proud about this week. We've been getting lots of papers in the mail for the new mortgage on our new house, most of which are boring, but I was interested in reading through our credit reports when they came in. Peter and I both have excellent credit scores, but I'm pleased to report that all of my credit scores are higher than his! 🙌 

3. I'd been planning on posting this picture of Megan Markle's dad in honor of the royal wedding tomorrow because I thought it was really cute. Now it turns out that this photo was probably pre-arranged with the paparazzi, along with some others, which makes it less cute, but oh well. The sentiment is sweet, even if it is staged.

I'm planning on getting up early tomorrow morning to watch the wedding. I love weddings and I love England so how could I not? (I'll tell you how, if I oversleep or am too sleepy to get up! That dang time difference is not convenient for us Americans!)

4. I think our yard is at its prettiest in the spring when the flowers are blooming on the trees, so last week I made sure to go out and take pictures, since it's our last spring here. 😞

The big yard and the surrounding views of fields and woods are one of the things that attracted us most to buying this house eight years ago, and they haven't disappointed at all. I don't think we'll ever have a yard like this again.



Four weeks from today is our closing date for the Iowa house and then we'll no longer be the owners of this beautiful property. 💔 I'm going to miss the house, the yard, and Iowa City so much.

5. I have an overly ambitious goal to get all of the blog posts that I want to do about last summer done before we move. This is unrealistic, especially given the following: my dad is coming to visit, Memorial Day weekend, the last day of school, this little thing called getting ready to move, and I won't have access to the computer during the last few days before the closing date. But I'm still gonna try! We all have our quirks, and for some reason I'll feel better about everything if my blog posts about last summer are done before I move.