Monday, May 21, 2018

Clouds to Sun

The other beach I like to go to in the evenings (or any time, really) is Bayview Beach. It's a quick drive down back roads and it has a great close-up view of the boats as they go in and out of Hyannis Harbor, which can make for some pretty fun waves, too. On this particular evening last July we had the beach to ourselves.  

Although we did have this flock of geese to keep us company.

I told you the boats get really close!

Sunbeams starting to poke through

I like this house and how and where it's situated.

I love these shots 💓

A fishing boat calling it a night.

When the sun broke through the clouds, it lit up the sand and water all nice and golden.

This picture made it on to last year's Christmas card. It's a good one!

Cloudy or sunny, we love our summer evenings on the beach!