Wednesday, April 11, 2018

First Full Day on the Cape '17

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I'm going to document our first full day on the Cape from last summer because it has some good pictures that bring the whole day together well.

Monday, July 3rd. The day didn't start out so well for me. We got to the house the evening before and I must have been too wound up because I couldn't sleep AT ALL that night, so I got up early and went grocery-shopping and had the store practically to myself. There was no traffic on the roads, which was a huge plus since it was the day before the 4th of July on Cape Cod, which equals heavy traffic, but not at 7:00 a.m.! Miraculously I ended up making it through the day on no sleep without taking a nap or even getting a headache. Must be that fresh sea air! 🙌

My mom, my sister Jennifer, and her daughter/my niece Hayley were at the house with us. We all went to Seagull Beach (except for Peter, who had to work). Seagull Beach has become one of our favorite beaches since buying the house because it's nice and big and it's not too far from the house, plus I get a resident sticker for my car so parking is free.

The very first beach shot of the summer of '17.

The boys and I went for a walk.

They wanted to do a silly picture, of course.

 This rock wall jetty thing is actually pretty fun to navigate and walk on. Just mind the gaps!

Bikes by the beach, so picturesque.

Back on the beach...

 That's Hayley, my mom, and Jennifer in the water together on the left.

 Later, we ate a delicious dinner at Brazilian Grill, one of our favorite restaurants.

They have the best strawberries and cream dessert there. My love for it is real. 🍓

After dinner Peter took the boys to run an errand while we girls did some shopping in downtown Hyannis.

Things I saw that I liked...
This old painted piano with an open invitation to play it, and the whale bookends

A good motto for when the going gets tough:

I'm going to get one of these this coming summer. Probably the pouch because I have a lot of purses.

After that we all met up at Cape Cod Creamery for ice cream.

It was a good day and a good way to start the summer off. You really can't go wrong with the beach, Brazilian Grill, shopping, ice cream, and family!