Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Flowers, Scriptures, and Forgotten

On our drive to Massachusetts last summer we stayed at a Marriott hotel in Pennsylvania that had pretty flower bushes outside of it.

 A sneak peek of hydrangeas, THE summer flower of Cape Cod, which was our final destination. 
 (More hydrangea pictures to come in the next month or two!)  

I love that Marriott has a Book of Mormon along with a Bible in their bedside tables. Kudos to the Marriott family for doing that! I felt compelled to write my testimony in this one. I've stayed at many Marriotts over the years and had never done that before. Shhhh, don't tell! 

We arrived in New England on Sunday, July 2nd. We stopped at Peter's parents' house in Rhode Island to have dinner with them, but nobody was home and they hadn't brought their phones with them so we couldn't reach them. It turned out that they had completely forgotten about our dinner plans. (See how welcome we are when we go back each summer?! Ha ha!). So we ate a lonely dinner on our own and then drove to the Cape.

Sam at Grandma and Grandpa's house. At least there was that!

Sam's front tooth came out in the car that day and he was getting used to the gummy feeling of the gap!

Hello Cape Cod!
 (Don't mind the bug-streaked windshield.)

 It was great to be back!