Tuesday, October 17, 2017

January Joys of 2017

My mom got us this beautiful giraffe family of four from National Geographic for Christmas. 
This was my favorite gift. I love it!

Post-Christmas order helps you feel better when have a bit of the post-holiday blues!

Sam used his Build-A-Bear Workshop gift cards that he got for Christmas to make a Kylo Ren bear.

Inauguration Day! As far as I was concerned, it was a worthy cause of taking pictures of the TV screen! 😀

After many miles of walking over the course of a couple of years, these hard-working Nikes were ready to be retired. I was a little sad to part with them, so I took a picture. And as I learned from Marie Kondo in her well-known book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpI thanked them for their service to my life by helping to keep me healthy. Then I gently placed them in the trash. 😢

Speaking of retiring products, after about eight years of frequent use, my trusty red leather wallet was ready to be replaced. There was a Kate Spade wallet that I'd been wanting to replace it with but I hadn't gotten it because I wasn't willing to pay full price. Then thankfully it went on sale and I snapped it right up, along with the matching passport cover, which was also on sale. This also went with my style theme for 2017 of gold polka dots. This was definitely a source of "January Joy" for me!

We did this for when Sam was the student of the week in his class.

And those were some of our joys of January! 
(Even though it's now October!)

Stay tuned for another January Joy tomorrow. This one gets its own post!