Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My 36th Birthday

As I've already mentioned, we spent most of my birthday (which is the very last day of July every year--imagine that!) in Provincetown. It was me, my mom, my boys, my sister Jennifer, and my niece Hayley, all wonderful people to celebrate with.

Peter was there in spirit through this Edible Arrangement he sent me. I LOVE these! (And him!)

My mom, Jennifer, and Hayley got me a delicious chocolate cake from Trader Joe's.

They decorated with a birthday banner too. How festive!

My babydoll was telling me how much he loves me (not really).

36 has been a nice age. I like even years better than odd years for some reason. I can't believe I'm closer to 40 now than to 30. Getting older is weird; I've been doing it my whole life and I'm still not used to it. 😆 For several years I've felt like I'm at least five years younger than I actually am. I hope that feeling continues as I venture higher and higher into the age digits!