Friday, June 23, 2017

A Bunch of Random Summery Things For Friday

Can you tell that I'm trying very hard to make my goal of finishing up my blog posts about last summer before we leave for this summer's vacation!?

From the Kate Spade outlet store:
I thought this bag was really pretty for summer but I didn't get it. So I took a picture instead (my trick for kids works for me too!).

Cute little crab purses

Pretty colonial scenery at Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire.

It's a New England thing...

I want to get this book.

Speaking of books, how cute is this little book house that I saw at a flea market?

I kind of wish I'd gotten it.

View from my bed. 

Getting ice cream at the place down the street from our house.

Downtown Hyannis

"Whale-y cute" merchandise:

Getting caught up and organized. This is my process and it took me a few hours. 
Being organized (and staying that way, which is more challenging) makes me happy!

Sam not cooperating for a selfie.

This sign for the bathrooms cracks me up when I see it every summer at the Lemon Tree Village Shops in Brewster.

I like this turtlenecked giraffe.

We've been shopping at the Village Toy Store for years. Sam and I love it!

Enjoying the fruit of someone else's labors at the beach.

This big sea turtle with its back covered in shells is so pretty. People are so good at making things!

At Peter's family's annual pig roast in Rhode Island

My house slippers for the Cape house got pretty worn down by the end of our time there.

John and my mom watching the summer Olympics our last night there. 

These pictures are all from my iPhone. Next week I'll do one more post like this with pictures from my real camera. Have a great weekend!