Tuesday, December 8, 2015


The following are pictures of Sam around the house and out and about in October. He's such a fun six-year-old. I love him and his cute quirks. 

General Conference.

Sam wore his cobra costume to show to his friend Lauren who was coming over to play.  
Here he was out on the porch, keeping himself entertained while awaiting her arrival. 

A Lego Duplo creation that he not only built but also colored with markers.

Sam has inherited my love of catalogs. I'm so proud!

Boy in a box. 

He just sat in there, hanging out.

Thanks to the organizational skills of his mother, Sam hosted a fun playdate for his two best friends from preschool (and one of their little brothers). They had lots of fun together and I'm sure they all slept very well that night.  

We went out to dinner and Sam asked me to take his picture in front of this big spiderweb.

And with this giant tarantula.
Nice Sam.

Mean Sam! Ha ha ha.

Car ride sleepiness.

Most weekends I print out some fun seasonal worksheets for Sam to do because he likes them. 

It was a good Samtober!