Monday, December 7, 2015

Bros, Not Foes

I'm happy to report that John and Sam have been getting along pretty well lately!
Don't get me wrong--they still fight and argue on a frequent basis. They are brothers, after all.
But their relationship has grown closer now that Sam is older and now that they go to school together. They have more common areas of interest, like Pokemon, and they're a little more equally matched when it comes to physical things like wrestling and homemade obstacle courses. It's so nice to see them become friends just as much as they are brothers. In our little family they only have each other for siblings, so it will be good to see them grow up not just as our sons but also as good friends. 

Here they were reading a book about snakes together one morning. 

 This picture makes me laugh. A boy and a snake. Ha ha!

Bonding over a Pokemon book (literally!).

Reading the increasingly dog-eared Pokemon book again. 
What a peaceful scene for me to come downstairs to in the morning!

That same morning they did some drawing together (I bet you can't guess what they were drawing!).

More drawing. In matching blue button-up church shirts, no less!

Sam was John's audience as he put his trombone together and got ready to practice.

More Pokemon drawing together. This was on a Tuesday evening when they were finally home after a busy day of school and sports. On their own they chose to spend time together rather than do their own thing. 

"There's no buddy like a brother!"