Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Love to See The Temple

In June my dad was in town for a little while, so Peter and I were able to go to the temple while my dad watched the kids. I took these pictures while I was waiting for Peter after our temple session. 
It was a beautiful, warm Saturday afternoon in June, and I felt full of peace and contentment.   

I love that our temple is the Nauvoo Illinois Temple
It's beautiful and historic, and it's such a special place. 
It's a great blessing to be able to enter and serve in the house of the Lord.


The bench on which I sat. So picturesque.

 My bags, surrounded by the loveliness of the temple grounds.

I have to include this cute CTR owl necklace that I saw at a shop up the street.
If I were a teenager I definitely would have gotten this and worn it often! 

 On the drive home we stopped at a farm that had some fun things for the kids to do. 
We had the whole place to ourselves.
John went to town on the Jumping Pillow!

This tractor swing made out of tires was lots of fun. 

And Sam and Grandpa had fun doing rubber duck races down racetracks made from PVC pipes and powered by water hand-pumps.
Sam's pump and pipe worked better and his ducks beat Grandpa's ducks repeatedly, much to his delight.

It was a great way to spend our last Saturday before we left for the rest of the summer.
We really do love to see the temple!