Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hyannis Harbor Again!

I feel like I just wrote about the topic that I'm going to write about today, and that's because I kind of did, but this was a different experience that happened in the same place. (Remember how I'm trying to get all caught up and clean off the photo files that have been hanging out on the computer for way too long? I'm making progress!) 

So anyway, remember the harbor cruise we went on last summer? I wrote about it two weeks ago. We kind of went on the same harbor cruise two years ago, only in 2013 we went on a private catboat that Peter's parents had gotten us all tickets for. It was a fun way to sail around the harbor, and faster than the ferry boat. It gave us the classic sailboat experience, which was a lot of fun. Thank goodness none of us gets seasick! Peter's grandparents had their own sailboat, so his family really enjoys sailing. Peter has always wanted to have his own boat...maybe someday. 

Little did we know that we'd be buying a house right near here the very next summer and that this coastline would become very familiar to us.

 One of my favorite pictures of Sam and of the Cape, ever.

The Kennedy compound and other mansions.

The owner of the boat (the captain?) let the kids take a spin at the wheel.

A "Special  K" boat for sale.

This picture has been in the sidebar of this blog for the last two years. 
Now you know where it was taken!

Sailing really is such fun!