Thursday, May 28, 2015

Felicity Found

There's a quote from one of my favorite movies that I think of frequently. The movie is Sense and Sensibility and in it Marianne Dashwood exclaims, "Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?" when she's taking a walk and it begins to rain. I think of this often when the big and small wonderful experiences of life happen. One of those pleasures is laying in warm sunlight. Another one is watching your cute cat do that, and stroking his silky-soft sun-warmed fur and coming in for a snuggle as he does his best to ignore you and get on with his felicitous experience.

I'm sure Brody was thinking to himself in his own way "Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?"

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cheryl said...

I LOVE that quote too. And I love the word felicity. And I love watching cats do that. I remember in Wisconsin sometimes it would be in the below zero temps for a long time and I would wish for a ray of sunshine like that to lay in.