Friday, October 17, 2014

Hershey Gardens

Before we left Hershey, we had to stop at Hershey Gardens because they're beautiful and I'd been thinking about them ever since I first went there ten years ago.

There's Hershey Park in the not-too-far distance!

Roses are my favorite flower, which is one of the reasons I love Hershey Gardens.

{Prepare to be visually assaulted by roses! I can think of no better assault than that!}

Pale pink roses are my most favorite of all.


 Milton Hershey has his own rose! I guess he deserves it. :-)

What better companion to roses and flowers than butterflies? 

The kids enjoyed playing in The Children's Garden. They did a scavenger hunt there with Peter while I wandered around on my own throughout the Gardens.

I love tree-dappled sunshine.

 I spotted two owls! Hoo-Hoo!

 Hershey kiss

That beautiful building in the background is the Hotel Hershey. It's such a classy place. Peter and I spent a wonderful day there when we were in Hershey ten years ago at their amazing spa (where I took a warm foaming cocoa bath and then got a heavenly massage with cocoa-scented oil), followed by a delicious dinner in their very elegant dining room, and then we spent the most peaceful evening afterwards walking around the beautiful grounds. I'd definitely like to stay there sometime.

Hershey was a wonderful detour on our trip, one that I hope we'll repeat again in the future.
But it was time to move on to our final destintion--Massachusetts!

This post was fun! It involved "a few of my favorite things" -- roses, owls, butterflies, and the Hotel Hershey. 
And I guess my kids too. ;-)