Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall 2013 iPhone Pictures, Part 2 of 2

I took a nice weekend trip to Massachusetts in October to do some work on our newly purchased house on Cape Cod. This is a random view of Boston from the bus that I took from the airport. 
I love Boston's mix of old and new, which you can see here.

I got to pay a visit to my sister and my cute, cute nephews on my way to the Cape.
Shane's girly pacifier is so funny.

 Selfies with Rocco and Shane.
They were fascinated with seeing themselves on the phone's screen!

Elizabeth (my sister) took this picture with her camera and I took a picture of it on her camera screen with my phone (did that make sense?). This picture is notable because Shane is voluntarily putting his hand on my arm. I was starting to win him over! It was a small but significant victory!!

My mom and I ate dinner at Yarmouth House, my favorite restaurant on the Cape, and we got to sit by the water wheel and enjoy the festive fall lights--a first for me because up to that point I'd only ever been there in the summer.

Yummy chocolate-covered Rice Krispie bar.
I like chocolate and Rice Krispie treats, but the owl is what made me actually get it!

Driving to the airport. Until next time, Massachusetts!

I finally got a Halloween wreath, courtesy of Target.

We went on our annual trip to Bloomsbury Farm. I did a blog post about it last fall but didn't include any of my phone pictures on it, so here they are. (Just an interesting side note: NBC/The Today Show had been there to film a segment on agri-business just the day before!)

Caught in the web...

Children of the corn.
Sam is in the gray hoodie on the left.

Pretty foliage in our yard and our neighbor's yard.

An Instagram filter gave the above picture the drama queen treatment.

There was a fun Halloween costume day at the Children's Museum. 
Imagine that--a boy in a train costume playing in the train room! 

John really does kind of look like Superman here!

At Sam's preschool Halloween sing-along. I like how he's smiling sweetly up at me at the bottom of the picture, and that he's in focus and everything else is kind of blurry, probably because I was moving around too much when I took the picture. Turned out well, though!

Pretty scenery near my neighborhood.

Laundry can be fun to watch.


Neighborhood farm. I like the contrast here of brightly colored farm equipment and a foggy, gray day.

This is a funny video of our cats play-fighting. Watch it and enjoy their antics!
{Please ignore my voice, especially at the beginning when I sound weird!}

And here's one more video that's only six seconds long. 
The circumstances of getting this video were incredibly lucky. It was at John's basketball practice, and my phone was almost out of battery. In the few seconds that this video lasted before the phone died, John made a basket!