Friday, June 20, 2014

On The Banks of the Mississippi

When we were in Nauvoo last month, we went to the spot at the Mississippi River where the Saints left Nauvoo and made their way across the river to Iowa and the West.

My Dad took a few pictures of us, but none of them came out very well because there was a certain grumpy person in our midst. I'm sure you can spot who I'm talking about in the picture below.

Sam has always liked rivers, lakes, and oceans. He loves to throw rocks and sticks into them. This time he was convinced that there was a crocodile in the water, so he was a little more cautious.

There was a nice little shaded spot that was the perfect size for kids to explore. I wonder if it was there like that when the pioneers were there? Perhaps not, but it's fun to think of pioneer children playing in this same spot.

As I mentioned before, John was in a bad mood. He found a big tree to climb, and that helped bring him out of it. I've been impressed over the years by how the simple act of tree-climbing can have such a calming effect on him. And because he's a careful climber, I don't have much cause for concern when he climbs. 

My Dad and I.

What a lovely, special, significant place! It's neat to think of the people who were here in the past and what their lives were like. I'm thankful for their example of faith and courage and for the guidance it provides for my own life. I may not have to leave my home and travel across rivers and unknown lands, but there are other challenges that I face, and their faith teaches me to press on and never give up.