Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Requisite Annual Apple Orchard Trip Post

It seems like everyone does a blog post about a family outing to the apple orchard in the fall, so here's my contribution to that group! (With a little twist at the end...oooh, exciting!)  
We went to a really pretty, large apple orchard in September that isn't too far from where we live. My favorite thing about this orchard is the absolutely delicious apple turnovers they make and sell there. 
The views are my second favorite thing.

Pretty scenery

The pickings (get it?) were pretty good despite the drought we'd been experiencing.

Check out that parched grass!

These are always fun, as long as you can get your kids to look through the holes at the same time!

And here's my "Keepin' it Real" part of this post, because sometimes you just have to be honest about the details of your experiences in life, good and bad. Life is too complex to sanitize it all the time when writing about it! While I'm glad we went that day, it would have been nicer if I'd been in a better mood. I was grumpy, plain and simple, and my family was getting on my nerves. It was just one of those days. And it got to be too warm out once we were walking through the lanes and up the hills. Grumpiness + walking around in the heat with (or without) kids while carrying heavy baskets of apples = not fun! But that's just the way life goes sometimes. At least I enjoyed a turnover and a refreshingly cold apple slushie afterwards (it was hot! Did I mention that?).