Thursday, February 21, 2013

We Finally Went to Mystic Aquarium!

We lived in Connecticut for four years and we never once went to the famous Mystic Aquarium while we were there. Unfortunately, it can be easy to take things for granted when you live near them, thinking "Oh, we'll go there sometime." But it wasn't until we moved halfway across the country that we finally made it there. Last summer, the boys and I spent a fun afternoon at Mystic Aquarium with my sister Elizabeth and her family and our father. These pictures prove that we really were there!

Cue the music for "Baby Beluga"! (Such a cute catchy little song!)

This sea lion was cool! Literally, once he dove into the water.  
 I could totally relate to the wonderful feeling of stretching out in the warm sunshine.

 John and my cute 3-year-old nephew Rocco.

Sharks, penguins, and our cute little boys:

Can you spot the frog?

It was an awesome aquarium! I'm glad that we finally found that out for ourselves!