Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Storm Clouds

One of the things I like about Iowa is the wide-open expanse of sky here. It's expressive and honest with very little to hide what's going on up there. Often when a storm is on the way the clouds precede it and give warning (I guess that's the case in most places!). I really like clouds and storms--as long as they're not tornadoes, which scare me to death (hopefully never literally)--so I enjoy this. These are pictures I took from a big thunderstorm one afternoon last May. Obviously most of the pictures were taken before the rain started to fall. I like storms, but not enough to go out and stand in them. Besides, my camera isn't waterproof!

Date: May 2011
Location: My yard

I like the contrast of the green trees and green grass with the gray-blue sky.

 "I'm coming to get you, my sweet!" That's what this makes me think of. In the photo below it looks like the shadow of a huge Spiderman with his arms outstretched or something like that.

Some of these photos are a bit blurry. I think my camera was feeling a little anxious that day. 

 The darkness starts to overpower any remaining light...

 And then...BAM! Down comes the rain in sheets!

And then I went inside so that I wouldn't get hit by lightning. I'm smart like that!