Monday, April 16, 2012

Morning Light

I love mornings and how they're the start of a fresh new day. I love how the morning sunshine streams in to where we eat breakfast each day (even if it does sometimes make Sam screech in protest until I lower one of the blinds so that it's not shining right in his face). And I love that I remembered to turn the flash off when I took these pictures of the kids at breakfast recently! That morning glow is just awesome! Can you tell that I'm a morning person? :-)


(For the sake of brevity I was going to include only one of the above three-in-a-row images of Sam, but I liked each of them enough that I decided to just include them all. It's neat the way the sunshine lights up his hair like that!)


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Great shots Donna! I love morning sunshine also. I just hate getting up early. I really am not a morning person(just ask my husband).

Ann Marie said...

As much as I am NOT a morning person.. I LOVE waking up to the sunshine. It makes my heart happy.

I also love babies with bed-head.

I seriously can't believe about Maggie Smith. I am shocked that she would want to leave the most popular show ever. So sad... but I have faith in Julian Fellowes. He is brilliant.

Kristina P. said...

Love the morning sunlight!

Emmy said...

Love love the sunshine on his hair! The pictures are just so warm and peaceful. I used to be a morning person- guess I sort of still am

Amelia said...

Those pictures are so sweet and peaceful. The kids are adorable. I just want to play with that cute little toddler of yours.