Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday Fragments are a fun way to sum up the week or to write about any bits of randomness that have been floating around in your head for awhile. They're the creation of the lovely Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin Time.
And now, on to this week's fragments...

*I've decided to give up Saturday Night Live. I think the humor on it can be really funny and I like the political satire and current events commentary, but some of the sketches and jokes can be really crass and it's getting worse. It's really not worth watching things that are offensive to me even when there's some good fun entertainment mixed in with it. So, good-bye SNL. Until you clean up your act (and I'm not holding my breath on that), you've lost a viewer who could have done awesome publicity for you on her blog (ha ha).

*On the other side of the spectrum, we watched a really good movie this week that I highly recommend: The Blind Side, starring Sandra Bullock. What an inspirational feel-good story this is! And the best part is, it's based on a true story. It's the best movie I've seen in awhile. If you haven't seen it, see it!

*I can't believe Bristol Palin made the finals of Dancing With the Stars. I think she has a decent shot of winning the whole thing next week, even though there have been far more talented dancers on the show this season. Bristol the Pistol is in it to win it!

*I read hundreds of pages this week in order to get the book read for my book club meeting last night. We read The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Great book! I highly recommend it. Similar to The Blind Side, it involves black-white relationships in the South. I'm glad I read it, and that I read it on time! (See my pithy book review in the post below.)

*It's starting to get pretty cold here. I've heard a lot about severely cold Iowa winters. I'm not looking forward to it and am preparing to go into hibernation mode as much as I can for the next few months.

*She is a lucky lady. That's going to be quite the wedding next summer!

*My mother is coming here from Massachusetts tomorrow for a week! For the first time ever Peter and I are going to be having our own Thanksgiving meal. I'm excited for my mom to come, excited for Thanksgiving, excited to go see the Broadway touring version of Mary Poppins the day after Thanksgiving in Des Moines, excited that Christmas is coming. What can I say; it's a very exciting time!

*I'm taking next week off from blogging and the blogosphere. There's just too much excitement going on right now. I'm thankful to anyone and everyone who reads my blog. I'm thankful for a whole lot more but I won't get started on that, I've been rambling long enough. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


beemii said...

I am there with you, I never thought she would make to the finals either...Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Break=)

The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm with you on SNL. It's just gotten soooo trashy.

Have a wonderful, wonderful time with your mom and have fun preparing your very first Thanksgiving dinner. It will be great!

Kristina P. said...

I haven't really watched SNL in a long time. Not because I have standards or anything, but I haven't found it funny.

dougandcheryl said...

Yay for Thanksgiving and fun times!
I loved the Blind Side- such a great movie.

I will be taking a blog break for a couple weeks in December too for to spend time with family. Love it!
Have a fun Thanksgiving!

Doreen McGettigan said...

The blind side is one of my favorites! We were worried about taking 10, 8 and 7 year old grand kids to see it but they actually got it and still talk about it today...
Have a fun time with your Mom I hope she has a grand time with those beautiful boys!
Have a blessed Holiday and we will see you in a week or so!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I'm in a book club that's reading The Help! But sadly I haven't quite gotten around to actually reading it!

Sarah Laurence said...

A late Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I stopped watching SNL regularly after high school but I still laugh over Land Shark. I have to say I was pleased to hear that middle aged Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame won, especially after Bristol's middle finger comment, speaking of crass language. I'm looking forward to the royal wedding too.