Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School...For the First Time!

My oldest son John started kindergarten a few weeks ago on August 19th, but I haven't written about it until now because for me the week of Labor Day was always back-to-school time. That's when the first day of school was in Massachusetts when I was growing up, that's when classes started in college, and it's the unofficial beginning of fall. So in honor of all that I'm writing about back to school this week....

Here he is on the big morning! He wasn't very nervous. Fitting that the globe was behind him...I didn't even plan that. Off to learn about the world!

John did great on his first day, even without any orientation programs (he missed them all because of our move). I'm so proud of him! He really likes school and the things he does there and the friends he's making. Our school district here in Iowa does full-day kindergarten so it's a long day for a five-year-old (8:30-3:00), but he seems to be doing fine with it. He was actually disappointed yesterday on Labor Day that he didn't get to go to school. (Should I feel insulted by the fact that he'd rather go to school than stay home? Nah, I'll enjoy it while it lasts!)

Getting on the bus for the first time! He was fearless.

I can't believe I have a child in actual, official school now. It's a bigger milestone for the child but it's also a milestone for the parents. They say that the years fly by from here, but I hope they don't fly by too fast!

Back home at the end of the day. Now officially a kindergartener!

 He couldn't wait to squeeze his brother's cheeks when he got home! Needless to say, Sam's okay with John being away during the day.