Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fall Foliage Memories

Now that it looks like THIS outside:

...I figured it was a good time to post some of my favorite fall foliage pictures that I meant to put on my blog last month. Hey, it's not officially winter yet, so it's not too late! We had an amazing foliage season in New England this year. Everyone seemed a little stunned by just how beautiful it was. My humble pictures can't do it justice, but they give a little taste of what it was like around here in Connecticut for a few glorious weeks in October.

This was the view up ahead when turning into our neighborhood and driving up the street.

The flaming orange/red tree in the center of the picture caught my eye.

(This beautiful picture of John was taken and edited by my friend Alyson.)

A walk in the woods

At the playground near our house

Trees in our neighborhood

One downfall of fall (no pun intended): All of the raking

It was such a beautiful fall. I'm looking forward to another one next year. In the meantime, on to winter!