Monday, September 15, 2008

The Flip-Flops That Saved My Feet

Salvation came for my feet this summer in the form of Adidas Fit Foam flip-flops. I'm now officially a lifelong devotee, so Adidas better never discontinue them! The reasons for my devotion to a pair of flip-flops are these:

Every summer for as long as I can remember, I've gotten tough, hardened heels and calloused, bumpy toes, and by the end of each day the bottoms of my feet have been dark and dirty. I know, it's not attractive imagery. My house is almost all hardwood floors and ceramic tile, which is pretty to look at but not pretty to walk around on all day. It certainly doesn't help in the pursuit of good-looking feet.

This summer, however, ugly feet didn't happen to me thanks to this wonderful pair of flip-flops I decided to try out. I wore them every day just around the house as my house shoes. They protected my feet from the hard floors and helped keep my feet nice and clean during the day.

They have soft, pillowy footbeds that are so comfortable, and unlike many other flip-flops, they easily stay on my feet. I can't walk around the house now without them on. It's so nice to finally have decent-looking feet, and healthier feet too! My legs haven't gotten any aches and pains this summer because they've been so well supported. And these are pretty cheap, only about $25, so it's a good investment and one that has proven to be totally worth it. My feet say thank you Adidas!

Posting this photo on a public blog shows that I have no shame. On the left are the pair that I wore all summer. They got pretty grimy and disgusting by summer's end. Better them than my feet! The pair on the right I just got as the replacement pair. They are currently on my feet right now as I type this.

The Queen of the Flip-Flops!