Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be There, Or Be Square (McCain!)

If you're a political junkie like me, you're probably looking forward to the first presidential debate tomorrow night between Barack Obama and John McCain. Even if you're not a political junkie and you're just interested in the race, it should be pretty interesting to watch.

McCain has been saying for the last day or so that the debate should be postponed so that he and others in Congress can concentrate on devising an effective plan to fix the country's economic crisis as soon as possible. Obama says the debate should go on as planned. I agree with Obama. And I'm pretty sure that the debate will go on as planned, and that McCain will show up in Mississippi on the plane from Washington, D.C. in time. If he doesn't, it will reflect poorly on him, and many people will lose some respect for him, myself included.

The debate is Friday night, September 26th, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time (kind of a weird day and time for a debate). It will be on all of the major networks. The moderator is going to be Jim Lehrer, who was the Commencement speaker when I graduated from Penn six years ago. The subject is going to be foreign policy, McCain's supposed strength and Obama's supposed weakness, so it should be pretty good!

Jim Lehrer (he's a news anchor on PBS)

To be fair and balanced, I should include a picture of Obama, since there's one of McCain up there.
(He has a great smile! )


Alyson said...

He does have a great smile, very boyish. If this election were decided by the looks department, Obama would win, hands down, obviously.

I'm really interested in seeing this debate. I'm so curious about what will happen with this election.

Donna said...

Oh yeah. Obama is pretty hot.

I'm still predicting an Obama win in November. I think it will be pretty close, but that he'll get it. At least half of my predictions have been wrong so far, but I think I'm right on this one! (which means I'll probably be wrong)

Peter said...

What are your reasons for stating that the debate should go on as planned? I'm not sure it shouldn't be postponed. The rest of Congress is likely going to be working through the weekend to get this done. Why should the candidates not work for it?

Donna said...

The candidates should be working their other job instead--running for President. There are plenty of people to work on the bailout plan. McCain and Obama aren't instrumental in that happening. There are more than enough people in Congress to cover for them in their absence. Besides, those Congresspeople deserve to work late into a weekend for once. Serves them right!

Alyson said...

I totally agree with that, Donna.

buffyvandabailey said...

Hi, Donna! I actually think that I did meet you when my family was in Philly for Morgan's graduation. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

I thought the debate ended up a draw. I will admit that we didn't get to watch all of it (we were at my husband's boss's house for dinner. And, well, his boss donated $3,000 to Obama's we spared one another's sanity by not watching it together). I'm going to have to give Obama the win, because McCain needed to blow him away, and he didn't. I'm just accepting the fact that Obama's winning in November. I'm actually coming to terms with it, to my great surprise.

Donna said...

Here's my quick debate analysis: I thought it was a very good debate, that Jim Lehrer was an excellent unbiased moderator, and that both candidates did well in sparring with each other.

To me, McCain came off as much more experienced and well-versed than Obama (because he is), and because of that, he won in my book. At the very least he certainly wasn't hurt in the debate, and it was his to lose. As I was watching I found myself coming over to his side more, and even though I vowed not to vote for him months ago because of his deplorable behavior toward Mitt Romney and others, I'm more likely to vote for him now.

I can't wait for the V.P. debate next week!!

Donna said...

Hi Buffy, you're probably right, maybe we did meet. My mind had pretty much turned to mush during that time. Finals, house-hunting, wedding preparations, and other chaos had sucked my brain pretty dry, so my memories around graduation time are dim at best. Your brother is awesome. There's no one in the world like Morgan!

Anyway, thanks for your comment. I think we're pretty similar politically. It's always nice to find other people who are right too! (ha ha)

Alyson said...

I don't feel McCain won. He should have done a lot, lot better.

His attitude still hasn't won me over.

Katie said...

I felt that the debate was a draw or a slight win for McCain from the punditocracy perspective, but a strong win for Obama from the public perspective. The main reason that I think Obama was perceived as having won was because he won the economic part of the debate (the first-half), which most Americans are more concerned about than foreign affairs right now. McCain really needs to stop harping on about earmarks if he wants the American public to listen... most people dont get what an earmark is, but they do get it when Obama says he is going to cut taxes on everyone making under $250,000 (which is alot of people).

McCain won the foreign affairs section (EXCEPT for Iraq, which I thought was a draw), but the problem is that 1) most people had tuned out by that point (just my own observation and talking with friends who watched), and 2) he was more interested in discussing history than current events.

Finally, McCain's body language just SUCKED. He wouldn't make eye contact with Obama the entire time, and he kept making these angry faces. Body language actually means something now that we have TVs to watch these folks.

The other thing is, this was supposed to be McCain's strongest debate (foreign relations), and he really needed to NAIL it, which he didn't.