Sunday, July 13, 2008

Art is Good for the Heart

Well, Peter isn't too crazy about my last post regarding PMS, so to make him stop PMSing at me about it, I'm going to put something new up. (Ha ha, I couldn't resist that one!) As an aside, since this is a post I meant to do weeks ago, there are many things I'd like to write about or post pictures of on my blog that I never get to do. If I spent time doing everything I wish I could do with the blog, I would have to neglect my son and my house and making dinner and several other things. So I just have to fit in blog posts when I can. I really wish there were more hours in the day!

Anyway, a few weeks ago on a rainy weekday afternoon, John actually did some artwork. Hooray! With the exception of my amateur photography hobby, neither Peter nor I are all that artistic, and I'm afraid that as a result our child doesn't seem to be very artistic either. He hasn't shown too much interest in art except for a brief, messy love affair with finger painting last summer. So I was very pleased on that rainy day when I asked him if he wanted to paint and he said yes. He made some nice pictures that I then hung up on the fridge to dry and display. He enjoyed it, and I'm now motivated to make this a more regular part of his life. My plan is to make art projects fun and interesting for him, because it is important and it's a good way for a child to learn to express himself. (Thank you, Alyson and Caroline, for inspiring me to bring the joy of art into his life!)

"Hey! I actually like doing this!"