Monday, May 12, 2008

The Cayman Islands: Day 3

The third day of our trip was on Monday, April 28th. We went to the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park and to Rum Point, the most beautiful beach I've ever visited.

We went to the Botanic Park in the morning, but it was already pretty hot that day. I didn't deal well with the heat and quickly got a stomachache, which I walked around with until I almost fell down dead towards the end of the walk through the park. But at least the scenery was nice.

That is one big iguana!

Conch is popular here (pronounced "conk"). This is what the shell looks like. Instead of clamcakes and clam chowder, they have conch fritters and conch chowder. Yummy!

An iguana wandering around (this one is real!).

After that we drove over to Rum Point, so named because of the numerous barrels of rum that once washed ashore there from a shipwreck. It's on the northernmost tip of the island. It was the beach of my dreams and I loved it there. We had a really fun time and the water was the most comfortable temperature. (I took the Rum Point pictures with my Canon Digital Rebel SLR, which I got a year ago and finally used for the first, and so far only, time here. I'm still getting the hang of it!)

First we had a refreshing lunch at this outdoor place right on the beach. This is where we tried conch fritters. I liked them a lot; Peter wasn't as crazy about them.

I love a tree-lined beach. It is so picturesque and perfect.

The beautiful beach (the pictures are nice, but they cannot do it full justice).

Peter and my mom with John.
Look at that clear water and white sand. This easily beats the beaches of my beloved Cape Cod!

Checking out the view.

Isn't this what vacation is all about?...


Alyson said...

Looks like you had such a great time (well, except for when you almost died of heat exhaustion :-)! That picture of John and Peter in the water almost looked like they were in a pool because it was so clear! Very cool!

You took some beautiful pictures. I can't believe you have only just started using your camera after a year! Russ' love of technology has rubbed off on me over the years, and if I had that camera I would be taking pictures left and right with it from day one! You funny girl!

Donna said...

I know, and the funny thing is that I saved up for that camera for awhile from my editing income, and I researched SLRs and everything. Then when I finally got it, I took it out of the box and looked at the instruction book (not a manual, it's a book!) and I was overwhelmed. So I put it away and figured I'd learn to use it when I got some free time, which hardly ever happens.
But now I know that it's not too hard to use on a basic level. I expect to be using it a lot more as I get more comfortable with it. One of its downsides is that it's a lot more bulky than a little camera. But it's a really nice camera and I like it a lot.