Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Ahh, winter! We had some fun outside in the yard in yesterday's little snowstorm. It wasn't as much snow as was predicted (we got 5 or 6 inches instead of 8-14), but it was a very pretty snowfall and it looks so picturesque on the trees right now. This is one of the few good things about winter!

The snow was the perfect texture and weight for great snowballs. We got Peter with a few good ones!
Christy the snow dog.
This is the first time John tried out his new snowsuit from LLBean, which seemed to keep him nice and toasty, except for his little nose and cheeks.
This tree in our front yard has branches that droop down to the ground under the weight of the snow. We might chop the whole tree down eventually, but for now it's kind of cool.
Industrious Peter. I don't know how we survived last winter without a snowblower.
Here's John underneath the low-hanging tree branches.
"Oops, what did I do? I didn't think I was that strong!"
The snowy woods around our house. So pretty!


Alyson said...

Those are such pretty pictures! The snow is so beautiful, but we didn't have such a good day. We didn't have electricity for most of the day, which is awful! The kids were all home from school and I don't understand why. The snow stopped very early and the roads weren't bad. Park City would be laughing at us for that one! Oh, and Russ was sick so he couldn't snowblow the driveway until late in the day, which means I was stuck at the house all day without electricity!! Ok, I'll stop my complaining now.

Peter said...

It was beautiful. Clearing the branches was a bit of a pain, but it looks like you you had a bit worse of a time. The forecast was definitely overblown, but everyone, all the stations and the national weather service were all projecting the same snow fall so I guess you can't blame them.

Donna said...

We only lost power for a few minutes and that was before 7 a.m. One of the neighborhoods down the road from us lost power for much of the day so we really were lucky. I think the schools were cancelled too hastily. The roads were fine once they were clear, and it didn't take long to clear them since it was just a couple of inches. All that was needed was a delay. The forecast was so wrong!!

Alyson said...

New England is the only place I've seen where school is cancelled only because they anticipate snow. It's funny that they don't even wait to see what happens! Oh well, one of the little quirks of the region I now love.

Donna said...

Yeah, I don't know why they're so quick to do that out here. When I was in school it wasn't like that as much, so it seems like it's gotten worse. Maybe it's because our roads here are more narrow and windy than out West? Fear of lawsuits in case of accidents, maybe? I don't know. One thing's for sure, the schoolkids love it!