Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Petechuck!

Peter's birthday was this past Sunday, January 20th. He turned 29 years old. I can't believe he's now 29 and that he'll be 30 in a year. I still think of us both as being in our early to mid-20's. Where has the time gone!?

Peter was sick with a cold but not so sick that it had to change our plans. On Saturday my mother came to visit and she babysat John in the evening so that Peter and I could go out. We went to dinner at Max-a-Mia in Avon, a great Italian restaurant. For our appetizers we had calamari (mainly for Peter) and mussels (mainly for me). Peter had veal and I had chicken for our entrees, and I didn't even give him a hard time about the veal, which I've been wanting him to give up for years. I had a gigantic piece of chocolate cake for dessert which I couldn't even eat half of so I had it packed to go. I think Peter wished he had ordered that instead of the smaller, colder chocolate dessert that he got.

After our dee-lish dinner we went to one of our favorite stores, Barnes & Noble, to use all of the great gift cards we got for Christmas and also because we're nerds who like to go book-shopping for fun. Peter and I are addicted to buying and reading books. Our ideal house someday will have a library with built-in bookshelves lining the walls to hold our ever-expanding collection. He got about fifteen books that night! He'll probably have them all read in a month's time, too.
On Sunday I baked Peter a marble cake with chocolate frosting. It was good, but the top layer started to cave in a little bit, so it wasn't one of my best-looking cakes. Chef Pierre made an excellent dinner of chicken parm, pasta, garlic bread, and green beans. He and my mom watched the Patriots game, and Peter said that was his favorite thing about his birthday, because he got to watch the game and see the Patriots win to go on to the Super Bowl and make history with yet another undefeated game. Usually we don't watch TV on Sundays but it was two against one and it was his birthday, so I relented.

Happy birthday Peter! John and I love you!


Alyson said...

Happy belated birthday, Peter! I had my 29th birthday only a couple of years ago. Anyway, I usually spend my birthays in Barnes & Noble too. It's just about my favorite thing to do!

Peter said...

Thank you! Yeah, we love going there. We spend way too much money there, though. It was a fun weekend.

Katie said...

Happy birthday, Peter! I also celebrated my first annual 29th birthday this year :-)

Donna said...

That's right, you and Peter are only about a month apart in age. You're the only person I've ever known with a Christmas birthday. Did you have a good one? Do you remember the surprise party Laura and I threw you that last year we all lived together at Penn? That was fun! Happy belated birthday to you!

Katie said...

I remember taht birthday party with fondness every year. Do you remember when we took Laura out to dinner at the Christmas buffet at the restaurant school? Do you know I loved it so much that Andy takes me every year for my birthday dinner now?

Mostly for my birthday this year it was just Andy and I stuff. He took me to the restaraunt school, and got me a Netflix subscription and the movie The Incredibles. He also made me a birthday cake. All in all, it was a pretty laid back affair.

This Christmas was a "movie Christmas" for our family, Andy got me and Josh: Pride and Prejudice (A&E version), Cars, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles (for my birthday). My sister Mary got me Sense and Sensibility (the one with Kate Winslet that you say reminds me of you).

Donna said...

I can't believe you go to the Restaurant School every year for your birthday! That's so cool and I wish I could go again too. It was sooo good.

I think you'll like Netflix. I sure do. It's cheap and simple and I get to see movies that I wouldn't have yet seen otherwise.

Enjoy the movies from Andy and Mary. Those are all very good ones, though I haven't seen Cars yet. We watched Ratatouille on New Year's Eve and it was so cute. Peter got me the 10th anniversary edition of A&E's Pride & Prejudice for Christmas last year and I love it. I love Mr. Darcy, that rich misunderstood jerk! And of course, how I love Sense & Sensibility! It's my favorite.

By the way, did you know that PBS's Masterpiece Theater is showing new movies of Jane Austen's novels? They're supposed to be very good.

P.S. How do you italicize in comments??

Katie said...

Donna -

You should count yourself proud, then, that we only go because of that one time that we took Laura! It is very beautiful and the atmosphere is so romantic. I love going.

I didn't know about PBS! I hope that they make them into DVDs, because we don't have a TV set to watch them from (only a laptop that plays DVDs).

To italicize in comments you put the letter i in brackets before the word: "<"i">" (take out the quotation marks) and then after the word it is /i in brackets: "<"/i">" (ignore the quotation marks)

jaredandmatisse said...

Happy Birthday to Petechuck! What a great nick name. Jared and I have been thinking about what we want to give him. Jared and Peter are going to see eachother today (Sunday) so he will tell Peter what the gift is and Peter can report to you. I think you will be excited.
I love Scary Mary!!!