Monday, June 24, 2024

Around La Casa in May

Romeo stole my seat!

This is where the editing work and blogging magic happens. He just wanted to partake a bit. 😄

Look at how John fell asleep still holding his phone up. 🤭

Violet and Romeo are good company for me, and I'm grateful for them. They match, too!
Violet, Romeo, and my toes

Romeo does triceratops ears

Photo shoot with the mail! (Sometimes I do weird things; I know, I know.)

Good hair day. I love this hair. It looks and feels so natural (and it is, it just didn't grow from my head), and I love it.

An after-school snack for Sam. Healthy food plus a treat!

The dynamic duo strikes again!
Romeo is flashing his triceratops ears again, too.