Friday, April 26, 2024

March 2024 Randoms

I had this Rainbow Brite doll as a child and my sister Elizabeth had the other one. Fun memories!

I found the perfect birthday card for my nephew Rocco, who likes fish, except that it was for an uncle, not a nephew. So I just crossed out the "uncle" parts and wrote in "nephew." Genius, I know. It worked, though!

I liked this article about "rucking" and I want to do it since my favorite form of exercise is walking and hiking, and I'd like to get a little more resistance into it to help build my strength. This might be the perfect way! I'm looking forward to giving it a try this summer.

In March I read Remarkably Bright Creatures, a book that I really enjoyed for book club. The very day we were meeting, I came across this information about the remarkably bright octopus (one of the main characters of the book—weird, I know, but it worked really well!). Octopuses sure are smart.

Car selfie, probably while waiting during one of Sam's activities. In the first one, my hair is mostly free and flowing, and in the other, it's tucked behind my ears. I conduct hair experiments while I wait because I'm scientific and inquisitive like that. 😂

I went to this re-enactment at the library and it was very enjoyable. 
I like the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and last fall I bought an autographed copy of a new historical fiction book about her, The Lioness of Boston. I'm reading it now and it's okay. It's actually making me like her a bit less, to be honest!

It's Donna Summer, but it works for me too, right? 😁

After many years I got a new clipboard for the list that I print out every week that helps me to be organized and productive. The new clipboard is on the left and has a nice flat clasp, which is the main reason I got it. The old one is on the right, and I bid it a fond farewell for its service to my life and then put it in the "Donate" box.

My planner is the other essential that I use every day in planning out my days, weeks, and months. These are my not-so-secret weapons of living an organized and productive life. 

This was an interesting and mostly accurate article in The Wall Street Journal about the Church and its offshoots in light of the Church's purchase in March of important historical properties from one of the biggest offshoots. I'm so glad the Kirtland Temple is back under Church ownership again!

This is from a team leadership meeting for Wicked Good Mom Media (my Cape Cod Moms editor job) that was posted on Instagram or Facebook (or probably both). I love this job and am learning and growing so much from it, as well as from my MWEG job. I feel so blessed in my career opportunities.

More reassurance about retirement assets. My retirement savings are far greater than this right now and are higher than the amount for married couples, too. Now it just needs to stay that way and grow even more, barring an epic crash or dramatic change in life in America in the future (which as you know I think is more likely to happen than not).

I didn't have this as a child, but I want it now! 😂 Baths are one of my favorite things, and I miss having a jacuzzi tub!

Ode to a purse! This is another thing that I used for years and bid a fond farewell too. 

Green is my favorite color and this was a great purse that I got at Kohl's years ago. I switch out my purses each month and I mostly used this one in December and March for the holidays in those months. It still worked but the handles were getting pretty worn at the top (which you can't see in this picture). So I took a picture, thanked it for its service to my life (this is Marie Kondo's advice in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it actually helps me to let things go!), snapped a picture, and put it in the Donate box. Farewell, my pretty green purse; may you go on to new adventures in life! 😄