Monday, December 11, 2023

Around the House in November/Lonely Single Pet Lady

Unfortunately, I can't have DISH satellite TV at my new place, and I miss the monthly Dishscapes it had. Fortunately, I can kind of make my own by streaming YouTube videos to the TV. It's a lot better than nothing, which is what it was my first few months of living here before figuring out a solution for my too-quiet house. I like to have soft background noise and a pretty nature or home scene going, not all day but for a lot of the day. Thank goodness for YouTube and streaming!

Here I am sitting on the couch reading the paper and snapping a selfie. 😁

Violet is 13 now and she's showing her age. She sleeps most of the time and isn't as playful and animated as she used to be. She doesn't see well anymore and her hearing isn't as sharp either. I worry about cancer and that it might be growing in her after she had that big cancerous tumor removed in June. I cherish every day with my "sweet little lady." Her companionship means so much to me, especially when the boys aren't with me and I'm home alone. Just the presence of another sentient being in the house can be so comforting.

I'm going to put most of my selfies (which I'm not taking as much of anymore--dry your eyes) in my "Around the House" posts now because...I usually take them around the house.
This British soldiers sweater is one of my favorites!

An artsy shot of the dining room chandelier. Or at least, I think it's artsy. 😆

After over a year of living with me, my mom's cat Olive finally curled up on my lap one evening when I was watching TV. It was a dream come true! 😄 I'd been waiting for that to happen and it finally did! And then she moved out with my mom soon after. 😢 It was like she knew that she was leaving so she decided to grace me with her presence on my lap one time as a goodbye gift. What a tease!

Chillin' on the couch with my dog and cat. Life is good! 

In case you're wondering if I'm turning into a weird and preoccupied pet lady, I promise I'm not! I'm really not! That said...

Violet likes to cuddle up with pillows and blankets. She's not cuddly with people as much. She and Olive are alike in that way. Boo Boo was the best cuddler--he would literally lean into it. He was the best dog I think I'll ever have, and I can't wait to be with him again someday, along with all of the other pets that I've loved and lost in life.

Normally I'd include these in my monthly "Wisdom, Humor, Inspo" posts, but it's relevant here. 
This is true!

I'm thinking of getting a shelter cat next year in preparation for when Violet passes away, which hopefully won't be for awhile. I'd like to get a dog after that happens too, but that might be trickier since I live in a rental now. Maybe I should just get a husband instead before I go too far down the path of lonely single pet lady. 😉