Monday, November 6, 2023

Crazy Times Scrapbook, September 2023

 Who knew that September would be the last month before war broke out between Israel and Palestine again? The events that have been taking place there over the last month have been horrifying, as has the surprising and disheartening anti-Semitic response of way too many people on American college campuses and in our cities. But I digress and will write about it more in the future. For now, I'll stick to the news I documented in September.

I support Moms for Liberty and its overall mission and message.

I continue to be so thankful that my house sold when and how it did this past spring. What a blessing. 

I believe this is 100% true.

I never got the vaccines, and I never got Covid, as far as I know. I haven't been sick in years. (Knock on wood!)

I still can't decide if Elon Musk is good or bad overall, but I've been increasingly leaning more toward the former. I think he's right about a lot of things and I like how he speaks up on behalf of unpopular viewpoints.

Interesting ideas re: climate change

Someday when I have the time, I'd like to really delve into the vaccine-autism link as a research project of my own. For various reasons, this is an issue that I feel strongly about.

"What is concerning to some doctors is that there is still so little investigation into the issue and that the subject perpetually unleashes emotionally divisive opposition that does nothing to further science."

I like how this explains the whole Dr. Wakefield study debacle. I think he had good, valid points and that it's a shame that they've been so discredited and maligned.


I think this is a possibility of how one of my kids may have been hurt by vaccines. 
He had a fever when he received vaccines at six months old. The doctor never should have allowed that to happen, and I wish I'd known better. This is one of my biggest regrets as a parent.

"Could vaccines cause GI issues that are unique to autism?" Very likely yes.

Third paragraph down--100 percent!

Why won't they (the CDC, etc.) allow a simple study to be done? This is very telling to me.

Clearly, this article about the link between vaccines and autism really spoke to me. It's the best one I think I've ever read about the issue. Thank you for doing good independent journalism, Epoch Times, that steers clear of the flawed mainstream narrative about this issue as well as many others. 

Smartphones, ugh! I think overall we'd be better off without them.